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Red berry grapefruit drink

Red berry grapefruit drink

This drink is for when you want that “slap in the face and wake up now” kinda jolt in the morning when your energy is low. It’s sure to get you straightened out just right :-). Make it the day before, put in the fridge and just grab it and enjoy the next morning. Enjoy my friends, this one has got a loud kick to it. Continue reading

Kiwi berry smoothie

One fine day in Paris it was 29 degrees and smokin’ hot so I wanted something freezin’ cold and this was a fine cool blend. Easy, peasy, smoooooth 😉 Continue reading

Lemon-berry mini heaven

stack of lemon and red berry heaven

the way i had it….mmmmm lemooooooon!

Ok, if this one isn’t tart and sharp, then I don’t know what else is. I don’t know what’s happening to me but as I have grown, dare I say, older, I seem to want the tartiest (if that’s a word) of desserts. Continue reading

a Berry Mango affair

And then morning came, What to drink? what to drink? she mused.  She was not in the mood for niether coffee nor tea….but for something sweet and tart at the same time. Well, here it is and a very good morning to you my dears…xoxo Continue reading

Red berry beet brew

This morning I wanted a drink or perhaps a smoothie to start my day. No fuss, no mess and red in colour. I am about to be renewed again as my moon cycle starts so I wanted to usher in my body to this space with some red hot loving. Continue reading