About this foodie

Where do I start, food has been a big part of my life since I was 8 (that’s when I actually started cooking) and as for baking that started at 12 when I just couldn’t get enough of anything cake and that was the start of this crazy love. I said to myself, when I grow up, i’m going to go to a chef’s school and become the best that i can be. But that didn’t quite work out. Firstly because in my country, if you’re not studying to become a Doc or a Lawyer then people don’t really consider you to be anything. So my parents couldn’t really stand this raving lunatic of a child, saying she wanted to study what? food? How outrageous! So I went down the route of science which I actually enjoyed studying while I was at it. Immunology was IT for me and it was fab too. Always fascinating, always interesting, always changing and when you think you know it, something else just blows your mind. Plus when you study with an amazing team of friends and have a fab professor for a boss then life is cherries and cream. So I must say, ‘Thank you mommy and daddy” :-).

But then mon amour was transferred from London to Paris for a job and of course I came with him. So I left my job in London in Research and came to Paris to live with him. Couldn’t speak French (still learning), no job, and no idea what I was gonna do in this french-people land. Then that initial feeling I had when I was a child started to creep back on me. I mean it has always been there in the background anyway but now I feel I can actually do something about this. I know I wanna bake or cook or something in that direction so I said to myself, I might have missed the chance to go to a cooking school when I was young but I’m not dead yet so I’m gonna do just that, and now.

So I found the school that actually made my mouth water like Homer Simpson, hubba hubba (Ferrandi). I went for an open day tour and it was more hubba hubba for me. Everyone was in white, just like in a science lab and everything was sparkling clean and just then, like superwoman in a red cape, the decision was made. I was gonna go to this french pastry school because of course this is what I adore. Well until the very nice lady told me the price of the course (€18,000) and I went, gulp!!…errr, I’ll get back to you.  Just incase you were wondering, I’m not the kinda lady that has €18,000 just lying around so that dream was out of the window. Turns out studying in the world of pastry is not as cheap as I thought. I don’t even know if I thought anything. I was just marching on with my blue outfit and a red cape flying in the wind :-).

Anyway, I later found an internship in a bakery here Paris (sugarplum cake shop) and it was sooo nice to be wrapped up in cake-land. Baking cakes, decorating cakes for the boutique, muffins, cupcakes, etc etc, it was just fab fab fab!. But then that had to finish at some point and I was left again with that, “what the hell am I going to do now?!” feeling. So I have found a job as a part-time baby-sitter with parents that want their kids to speak or continue to speak english. Even with this job I am feeling restless at home because I work like 10hrs a week. This restless energy coincided with the full moon and I felt like i was going to burst or explode if I don’t channel it into something. I wanna create, I wanna cook, I wanna paint,  I wanna sing, I wanna drum, I wanna do it all. So this afternoon while I was in the kitchen, the words came rushing into my head “blog blog blog” and I quickly grab my oh so faithful pad and here I am. Offering myself up to creativity in whichever form it feels to flow out from.

One thing is for sure, that my calling in this life is to cook and feed people. This is my truth. My yoga extends beyond my mat and in to the kitchen and my heart leaps for joy every time. This is what I was born to do and it might not be a big, fantastic go and save the world calling but this is it for me and I want to share it with you all. I am that kinda girl who will wake up early in the morn, grab the pad and start searching for recipes or similar recipes that I had just dreamt about. Thinking, will that work? Hmmmm…Really?. I’m not a professional or anything of that sort and looking at other food blogging sites makes me go eeeekkk!!! How do I do this? What do I know? Well this much I know, I want to share with you my soul food, my love of photographing food and flowers, my yoga, my art and anything that comes up from within me. I have no idea where this will lead me but I am willing to start this journey, kicking and screaming!! 😉

Namaste people

Ps: I  will like to dedicate this to my sister Nkeiru and her ever supporting and enthusiasitc husband Eddy. She has seriously had an unwavering faith in me and my cooking since i was a wee babe. I remember when I had just arrived in London from Nigeria to start studying and despite what my parents were saying, she would stay up all day looking for cooking schools and have them send us brochures that we would flick though in the night. She stood up for me when I couldn’t and had faith in me when I didn’t. I love you Kay, I don’t think I say this enough to you but every time I think back at that time, tears fill my eyes. You were more than a sister to me. I have faith in myself today because you had and have always had an unshakable faith in me and I just want you to know that you occupy a very special please in my heart.

Pps- Please post your comments below any recipe that tickles your fancy.  Also questions on “How about this” ‘n’ “How about that” are all VERY welcome and please don’t be shy. I am looking forward to reading and replying to you all.


A little update since I last posted the above. We’ve moved back home to England again…nomads!…I know right? :-). Anyway we’ve been here for a while now living with our little moon goddess, Luna who is now 16 months as I write this ( gosh, how time flies!). Now a mummy and still cooking, baking, painting and living life with arms wide wide open. And for the rest…well, join me and we shall see 🙂


6 thoughts on “About this foodie

  1. so glad i met you and soon my stomach will meet your food, !!! joking .. I love your recepies and food philosophy. Sky is your Limit so here come’s new chef FFF. Paris, a nous deux ….. I will come and taste any time, or spread the word if you do underground restaurant .

    • Hehehehe…I will be glad to meet your stomach Steph :-). Soon I and IT shall be very well acquainted. Thanks so much for your comments and thoughts. It means a lot to me…Bisous!

  2. I love it here, can I move in!!!!!! What a happy little space you have created for open hearted people who know where the good bites are. Thank you for sharing your life, passion and gift with us all. Namaste, lee

    • Om om Lee, thanks soo much for your comments…so so special. It does feel fab to feel myself opening up to possibilites and creativity from the unlimited source. I am so very grateful for this. And please feel free to unpack and move in, there’s enough space in this house for you all:-). Namaste

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