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Sunshine Salad

This came up one evening as I was still crashing at my sister’s flat while searching for flats. We decided to invite a friend over for dinner and learn some new chants at the same time. So I thought to make something for the occasion. I just pulled all the ingredients from the fridge and this beautiful one came into being. It made me and my sister smile and I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy 🙂

Sunshine Salad

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Kiwomato grape drink

the yummy mummy

Mellow, sweet, juicy, a bit o’ tang, yummy in your tummy? Check! Make it and you’ll feel it…xxx Continue reading

Yellow Kiwomato drink

Yellow kiwi, tomato ‘n’ apple drink

Being back in England feels sooo nice and warm in my heart….ahhhhh. My sister lives in a small town close to London so now I’m checking out the food options. It’s all so different here compared to the French. Food markets everyday of the week is not very common here at all. Continue reading

Sticky ‘shrooms’ and tomato brochette

Hey guys, this one is another quickie that I cooked up two sleeps ago. There isn’t any long story with this except that I had mushrooms and tomatoes in the fridge that I bought 2 days earlier. It was dinner time and we wanted something light, fresh, quick and easy and this was just perfect for the occasion (takes about 20 mins to be ready). I remember Ben’s comment after having this was, “ahhhh, I feel so fresh”. Well that says it all. We did have some pan-roasted Asparagus on the side to go with this which made the whole thing into more of a meal than a snack.

This can be served as a starter or part of a light dinner. Use fresh tomatoes if you can, as they’ll give you that “alive” taste and do I need to go on about the benefits of eating these cancer-fighting babies? Don’t think so. Enjoy my dears. The sun is out in Paris today and on my face too 🙂 :D.