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Mommy nature and HER effortless art

Om my dears, want to start by saying thanks again for the souls that come across this site to read me.  It always makes me feel mushy and grateful and I know I say this a lot but I’ll say it again…Merci Beaucoup.

So today marks the last night for me in Paris (flight is at 9:15 tonight) and like I said earlier, I do like/love to take pictures of pretty things so I wanted to leave you with some magic of mommy nature that I have been lucky to capture with my beloved camera without modification and just with help of our brother, the Sun.

Ok now it’s time for shower, brush teeth, buy some french macaroons, come back to pack some more…pheww! and then see you on the other side 😉

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Beautiful Blogger and Reader Appreciation Award Nomination!

Hola chiquitas y chiquitos, two award nominations (Beautiful blogger award and Reader Appreciation award) landed on me last week and I have finally made is out of my sick bed to acknowledge the beautiful souls at Beach House Kitchen for nominating me for these two awards. Muchas gracias!!.

Beautiful Blogger Award

Reader Appreciation Award

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A Pineapple Affair

So here it is guys, the pineapple post as promised.

I got a little boost of energy on Friday so decided to wonder down to the market for some fruits and veg. I was so burstling with IT that I even cycled to the market. Did all the shopping in superwoman style and was dead after. Couldn’t even look at the bike again so I humbly took the metro home (silently wishing it would stop right in front of my door so I wouldn’t have to walk the 100m to get home). When I did get home, I crashed down on the bed, slept a little, well……almost all day and came around to look at the fruits on Saturday morning. Anyway these were some of the guys I came home with:

fresh from the market

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SHE is here

Alors friends, family and lovers, this foodie has been feeling like a sick zombie for the past few weeks so hasn’t been able to write anything. But I got up today to have a wee peak at the blog and was just amazed by the amount of people that have come by to have a look. This has touched my heart so much and now here I am, still in bed but ready to tell you all about the holidays and continue on the food path, of course.

We travelled from Paris – Bordeaux – Pessac (grandma’s place) – Bordeaux – La Rochelle – Ile de Ré – La Rochelle – Paris – London – Milton Keynes (sister’s place) – London (friends birthday) – Milton Keynes – London and then back to Paris…phewww. And what a journey it was.

that morning on the train and ready for the journey

Going from Paris to Bordeaux was so exciting for me. It was my first time and I guess I just couldn’t wait to get to Pessac to see Ben’s grandma. When we arrived the weather was mild and breezy, so we decided to do a bit of gardening for grandma and  trim some overgrown shrubs. I was like totally in on it with the shovel, hoe, shears and all but then as the days passed and the temperature got hotter, I started to see the white light at the end of the tunnel and told Ben to carry on, ” I’ll meet you on the other side my love, so so hot, darkness closing in on me, reaching for the white light, sooo cold, can’t breathe….bye bye earth” as I slumped to the ground. Continue reading