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Spiced couscous cake

I read this on one of my cookbooks that said something about a couscous loaf (I’ll dig it out and post the name here when I get back home to Paris) and that was where my inspiration came from. And for lunch yesterday, I was in a Cajun kinda mood so this was the flow  helped with the mighty Tesco spices by my side. You can just set this on the centre table for a light lunch with friends and some salad or even for a picnic. Continue reading

Veggie couscous with a surprise

I woke up today thinking cous-cous! Cous-cooooooous! Luckily I had some in the cupboard so I decided I was gonna have that for dinner today. I knew I wanted to make it interesting and fresh and fun but didn’t know how. I started anyway and thanks to the universe some fresh and funky ideas started to flow and here they are my dears.