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Journey of a Wedding Cake….in pictures!

A week before the wedding, working…2 black birds sitting on the wall…k.i.s.s.i.n.g

A week before the wedding, used modelling paste to make these…2 black birds sitting on the wall…k.i.s.s.i.n.g

About 6 months ago, one of my friends asked, no, texted actually, if I could do her the honour of making her wedding cake and I was like…Yaaaa haaa!!! the honour is all mine. So together we planned it all out, threw some ideas together and came up THE cake, all covered in colour coordinated buttercream icing and LOTS of fruits. Thank God for sister Etomby for lending me fridge space to store this big baby <3. So last Saturday was the wedding and the cake made it all the way to Dorset in one piece…well, different pieces all assembled on site.  It was a 3 tiered wedding cake starting with 12″ Lemon sponge mama resting at the bottom to support everyone (covered in a slap-in-the-face-when-you-take-a-bite lemon buttercream), followed by a 10″ choco orange cake (covered in intense orange buttercream), then sitting on top like feather is the lightest 8″ Victoria sponge cake (covered in Vanilla bean buttercream). I promised pictures and here they are:

Boards with red ribbon round the edges

Boards with red ribbon round the edges

the baked yummies..12" lemon sponge, 10" choco orange, 8" Vicky sponge

the baked yummies..12″ lemon sponge, 10″ choco orange, 8″ Vicky sponge

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Christmas cupcakes (Dairy-free)


A very light, melt in the mouth fluffy number inspired by goddess Nigella

Yummy yummy in my tummy 😉 so let’s get to it.

For this you’ll need:

  • 150g plain flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
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Citrus-y pear, nuts ‘n’ dark chocolate


I had dinner last week with mama Jan and sister E and this appeared on the menu. Didn’t know what to make for dessert at first but as I was walking down the fruit aisle in the supermarché, I saw these curvy chics, one thing led to another and we were all covered in chocolate ;-). Pear and chocolate is a match made in heaven and sprinkling some caramelised nuts into the mix just makes for an awesome trio. It’s vegan, it’s healthy (welllllllll yeah because chocolate is totally good for you in all sorts of ways 🙂 ), it’s indulgent and it’s delish! Give it a go…. Continue reading

…more cake and banana Purée

chocobanana cake 3

The final order for this weekend was this chocolate bébé.

So the cake inside is a rich chocolate cake. The filling/icing is buttercream flavoured with homemade banana puree and the decorations are banana chips and strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. It got delivered yesterday and the new owners were pretty happy to see it and so was I. Now now for me to take a breather..phewwwww what a week it’s been.

The recipe for the banana puree was quite simple and can also be used as baby food. Continue reading

Princess-y chocolate cake

princess and the frog :-)

princess and the frog 🙂

Hii guys, christmas is almost here!! Yayyy!!!!

I got an order for  a gateau au chocolat for a 6 year old girl that I had so much fun making and wanted to share it on here. I did a consultation with her and she had all these crazy little ideas (with pink and blue being her choice for the colour of the cake) that I thought it were brilliant. Today, the 1st of Dec was the special day and I (well Ben helped me carry this bad boy because my back was hurting) delivered it to her. She and her mama were very delighted to see it and so was I :-).

Sooooo here is the beauty ;-), inside is a pure decadent chocolate cake. I made the frosting using homemade strawberry coulis which I infused into the swiss meringue buttercream giving it a delicious natural fruity flavour and the blue is just vanilla flavoured buttercream.

in all her glory

in all her glory

choco cake2

boxed and ready to go 😉

Chunky crunchy pear et chocolat

Chunky Crunchy pear et chocolate and more chocolate drizzle

Can you say the name of this recipe fast? hehehe :-).

Ok so cherries are dominating the markets at the moment and I wanted to bid farewell to the pear and remembered this recipe that I conjured up in the winter sometime before Christmas last year. The pears come out looking as beautiful as ever in this dessert and I am sure everyone at your table will be surprised as I was when I put it together. Pears are normally perfect the way they are but I felt they didn’t mind being dressed up with nuts and chocolate. Would you? Continue reading