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No-bake Energy Truffles

Yesterday evening, we had a women’s gathering at my Yoga School. It was Devi Puja where we got to celebrate the divine mother, Durga. The Maha goddess, the Life energy within us that calls us to remain rooted in the heart and be true no matter what life brings our way. It was a powerful gathering and beautifully set up too….just magical! I would post the pics but I don’t have any with me. If I get a hold of it I’ll attached them here.

So for our gathering we were encouraged to bring prasad (blessed food) to share with everyone and I made these babies. Decadent-looking but the easiest thing you’ll ever make. Hidden within the cocoa and melted chocolate exterior is nothing but…..**drum roll**…….Energy bites! I know right!. Mikeala, I was so thinking of you when I made these.

It was a pleasant surprise for the women at the gathering.

Conversations sounded like this:

-‘ohh I shouldn’t have one. I can’t have truffles now, I’ve eaten too much’

-Just try it

-Ohh no I shouldn’t

-C’mon go for it, you’ll be surprised.

-Hmmmm, ok then

*one bite* yum yum yum

-Looks like it’s bad but ohh sooo good for you!

-yeeeee haaaaaa 😉

Ok shall we?

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Almond studded banana cake

Almond studded banana cake

For some time now, I have been contemplating baking a cake with something other than butter. I became lactose intolerant about a year ago so it has been a little difficult in trying to find something else I can use in place of butter and not worry too much about how it might taste. Continue reading

Almond Quinoa

The quinoa beauty

Quinoa was on my mind yesterday so I made this beauty up for lunch. No fussin’ n fightin’. Just plain easy with a lot of yummy in my tummy. Continue reading

Almond sauce with African sass :-)

The sassy sauce

This one is a quickie yummy treat and the best thing about it is that you can slather it on almost anything and it’ll make ’em taste yumm-yumm. You’ll need to roast some of the veggies which might take a bit ‘o’ time but believe me it is well worth it because the taste it gives to the sauce is second to none. All the roasting can be done in your frying pan if you don’t want the hassle of turning on your oven. I actually prefer it this way as the tomatoes get a slight burnt colour that translates into a ‘smokey-bbq-ewy’ taste. Go on, give it a go. Continue reading

Apple ‘n’ Almond Cake

Felt cake-ey with meself so decided to whip up something aromatic, moist and nutty. I had apples at the back of the fridge looking neglected and giving up on me. So I decided to nurture these lovelies and bring out the best in them. The texture and smell of this super fruit together with cinnamon and roasted ground almonds is a thing from heaven. It becomes orgasmic if you can wait and have it the next day as the flavours meld together giving it that depth in flavour. Mmmmmmmmm

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