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Coconutty mushrooms on smashed Spuds with Asparagus

Once upon an Autumn afternoon, this yummy mummy happened on us. Take your time to savour it, you’re worth it 😉

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Hot almond tomato sauce

I had this yesterday with rice and let’s just say I was very happy. My moon cycle is coming and this month it’s all about ‘zee spice :-). I wanted it spicy and I wanted it quick and here it is my friends. This one packs a deep spicy bunch with 2 scotch bonnet chilli’s. If you’re not as crazy as me on the chilli front then you’re more than welcome to use half a bonnet, skip it all together or replacing with normal ground black pepper instead. Have fun 😉 Continue reading

Sticky ‘shrooms’ and tomato brochette

Hey guys, this one is another quickie that I cooked up two sleeps ago. There isn’t any long story with this except that I had mushrooms and tomatoes in the fridge that I bought 2 days earlier. It was dinner time and we wanted something light, fresh, quick and easy and this was just perfect for the occasion (takes about 20 mins to be ready). I remember Ben’s comment after having this was, “ahhhh, I feel so fresh”. Well that says it all. We did have some pan-roasted Asparagus on the side to go with this which made the whole thing into more of a meal than a snack.

This can be served as a starter or part of a light dinner. Use fresh tomatoes if you can, as they’ll give you that “alive” taste and do I need to go on about the benefits of eating these cancer-fighting babies? Don’t think so. Enjoy my dears. The sun is out in Paris today and on my face too 🙂 :D.