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zingy mini Lemon cupcakes (dairy-free)

ohh for the love of lemon ;-)

ohh for the love of lemon ūüėČ

As promised, here are some recipes for the beautiful mini Lemon cupcakes I made last weekend for some beautiful pregnant ladies.

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Women, births and Oooo yes‚ĶFOOD

Spent some time last weekend with some very special women from my antenatal yoga class, sharing all thing birth, labour, breath, contractions, baby feeding, baby wearing and beyond in our Empowered birth session. ¬†Sharing¬†in the meaning of Empowerment…….of being weary of the sometimes social trapping of who we “should” take to our births just because that’s what everyone expects and reflecting on if this energy will actually serve in relaxing us and opening our body and cervix up.¬†

Feeling into the fact that firstly, we are enough unto ourselves to birth our baby and we have everything we need for this to happen. Secondly if we would like someone to be there, feeling into the type of energy we would want around us. Perhaps;

One that will not make you think about what they did or did not do last week or last month, last year?
One that we don’t have to constantly watch our backs for and check how they are feeling and if they are having a good time,
One that will not be moved when that Raw, Powerful and Strong voice of the Divine comes from deep inside and we begin to roar as the goddess that we are and as the energy moves to birth baby,
One that will be wholeheartedly there, in service of the force moving in you and trusts without a doubt that you are enough.

And just knowing that whatever happens, you are perfect just as you are, nature did NOT make a mistake with you and you are so enough. This is true empowerment. Still feeling so grateful to life and to all the ladies that came to share in the powerful session with such open hearts, Thank you!

Sooooo of course, I took care of ma ladies and made little yum yums to eat, as we all know how ravenous we can be when carrying another being around in your womb :-).¬†All the food was dairy-free (so I could join in food fun too) and no one noticed so let’s get to it shall we.

Wanted to share it with you all out there, so we’ll begin with the beautiful mini Lemon cupcakes in the next post but in the meantime, pictures? Ooooh yes, please.

Preparing the room before class

Preparing the room before class

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