Birthday man and Tarte aux fraises


I know it’s been a while my dears and my phone is filled with pictures of things I should be posting here. So we’ll start from the most recent and work our way back ok. T’was hubby’s birthday this weekend and Tarte aux fraises was a yummyily invited guest. Hubby requested it for his day, so I got joyfully baking. My pastry godfather (Michele Roux Snr), lent his precious hand in this very classic French recipe for Strawberry tart in his book, Pastry. And if you don’t have the book, the online recipe is here: It’s legendary!…as is Michelle too. Here are some pics from the weekend. Enjoy! Continue reading

Apples ‘n’ Hazelnuts (in a dairy-free cake)


Crunchy yummy nuts shell for a yummy spicy cake!

Crunchy yummy nuts shell for a yummy spicy cake!

First of all, excuse the quality of the pictures here. I only decided this will be fab to share when I was in the middle of making the cake so had to use ‘zee phone….but not bad ehh?.

I had some sisters come over with their babies about 2 weeks ago and yet again it fell on me to do the dessert…surprised? Yeah me too 😉 :-D. I wanted to make some’in cozy and warm and spicy and Autumn-like and thought, apples just scream Autumn!, don’t they? So I decided to go for it. Here we have a spicy apple cake, packed full of apples with a generous hazelnut top. The hazelnut top was an inspiration from a BBC good food on their Apple Cake in a nutshell shell recipe. A really good recipe that.

Warning: This cake is seriously nutty, light, delicious and just fills your mouth with spices that remind you of Christmas.  A bit too yummy that I didn’t get to take the picture of a proper piece until I got to the very last one in the tin.

There is a seeded version of this (for those allergic to nuts) at the bottom of the cake page so keep reading :-).

Yuuummmmmmmmm mmmm mmmm, ok here we go! Continue reading

Yummy Berry Crunch… a cup (Dairy-free)

Some lovely yummy mummy sisters came over for lunch today with their babies and all brought food to share while I took on the dessert duty……ohh, dommage! 🙂

Berry cups

Berry cups

Had to be something fresh, yummy, and pretty easy to make…(drumroll!!) and enters Yumny Berry crunch….in a cup. Are you having some friends over this hot summer time?…make this and you won’t regret it, Promise! Plus I just realised, it’s way easier to have a gathering where everyone brings something instead of having to make the whole 3 course meal yourself, especially when you have a crazy but cute and scrummy toddler hanging off your leg. Anyone wanna bring a dish round mine……to share? I’ll be your dessert lady 😉 Continue reading

Melt in the mouth choco ‘n’ chilli cupcakes (Dairy free)


Just made these now (recipe inspired by the goddess herself from her book Domestic goddess). I have a couple of ladies coming over tomorrow for a private flow and wanted to make something for us to enjoy after class. Also the fact that my moon time is a day or two away contributed a LOT to this craving 😉 Continue reading

Choco chilli Banana bread

moi et mon ange :-)

moi et mon ange 🙂

Hello guys, I know it’s been a loooooong time but this girl has had her hands full with baby baby baby. Ma petite lover was born on 22nd March so we have been loving each other for 2 months now. Our life is now about nappies, boobies, bibs, pukes and etc etc.

So coming up for air a little bit here to give you the simplest recipe for a Vegan banana bread ever!!! I don’t have much time on my hands as I either have baby hanging off one boob or I’m knee deep in nappie heaven ;-). Therefore I’m keeping it simple but oh sooo tasty in the kitchen :-). For today we have a very easy to make and scrummy vegan banana bread.

Ban bread 1

For this you’ll need: Continue reading

Citrus-y pear, nuts ‘n’ dark chocolate


I had dinner last week with mama Jan and sister E and this appeared on the menu. Didn’t know what to make for dessert at first but as I was walking down the fruit aisle in the supermarché, I saw these curvy chics, one thing led to another and we were all covered in chocolate ;-). Pear and chocolate is a match made in heaven and sprinkling some caramelised nuts into the mix just makes for an awesome trio. It’s vegan, it’s healthy (welllllllll yeah because chocolate is totally good for you in all sorts of ways 🙂 ), it’s indulgent and it’s delish! Give it a go…. Continue reading

Aromatic mini cranberry fruity tart

Fruits tart 1

Hello guys, I know I know it’s been a while. 32 weeks pregnant now and all I wanna do is eat and sleep and sleep again…..and eat and go back to sleep :-). But I have been missing coming on here and sharing with you all so I have mustered the strength from a deeper place to share some new colourful recipes and also let you know what I have been up to.
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