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Lemon and Lots ‘n’ Lots of Blueberry Swirl cake (Dairy-free)

  Truth….I had a craving and it had to be lemon!  Light, fluffy, tangy, absolutely scrummy…’nuff said.

Summertime and lemon…do ya know of any better combo? (Whispers quietly, actually lemon any day of the year always hits the spot for me 😉 ). And now we have lucious blueberries in season so we get homegrown stuff which makes it all even better and tastier…ahhhhhhh

Plus, found out I need to improve my hand at ‘swirling’ things into cake. Read on to see how mine came out and promise not to laugh 🙂

Ok, enough talk let’s bake.

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Berry Lemon muffins (dairy-free)


Hello ‘ello,

For the weekend, this happened upon a special mama as a gift (although part of this ‘gift’ was eaten before it was packed, by whom? you ask, I wonder). Mmmmm berry berry yummy indeed ;-).

The original plain dairy-full recipe is by this yummy mummy over here: http://mostlyyummymummy.com/2010/08/03/lemon-muffins/

Let’s get to it shall we, Enjoy!

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The power of berries blue and a Birthday cake

The finished lady but before we got to this, there was just blueberries

The finished lady but before we got to this, there was just blueberries

This past weekend was my nephew and brother in-law’s birthday’s. My sister called and ordered one big ass cake for both of them to which I said, errrrr yaahhhhh!

The order: A 10 inch and 3 layered maderia cake enrobed in fresh blueberry buttercream, rocket ship and stars with virgo insignia all around the sides of the cake. I would also like a deep blueberry colour so that the white buttercream against it will have a deep contrast so add some purple colouring to the butter cream. Continue reading

A Pineapple Affair

So here it is guys, the pineapple post as promised.

I got a little boost of energy on Friday so decided to wonder down to the market for some fruits and veg. I was so burstling with IT that I even cycled to the market. Did all the shopping in superwoman style and was dead after. Couldn’t even look at the bike again so I humbly took the metro home (silently wishing it would stop right in front of my door so I wouldn’t have to walk the 100m to get home). When I did get home, I crashed down on the bed, slept a little, well……almost all day and came around to look at the fruits on Saturday morning. Anyway these were some of the guys I came home with:

fresh from the market

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