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Caramelised red onion Almous

I am going away to England to stay with my sister who is pregnant and has a ten month old lovely boy at home. I will be helping her so she can have some chill time-out while I spend time with Gigi, my nephew.

So I wanted to make something for the man to have at home as a quick snack and eat whenever he wanted. There is still loads of the Studded banana cake left in the house but I wanted to make something else. And I thought, caramelised onions? chickpeas? Almonds? Yes please!!! I love love loved this one. The first time I made it, I used white onions but it didn’t have that strong onion flavour that I liked. So I substituted it with the stronger flavoured sister, red onions and used 2 instead of one. It came out really nice and nutty because of the roasted nuts. Go ahead, give it a go and you’ll see.  Continue reading

‘Shmokey’ humus

Another quickie that rests yummily in thine stomach after it leaves a little bit of heat at the back of your throat, nicely offset by the subtle sweetness of agave. This is how I do it. Continue reading