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Plain and simple Lemon ‘n’ Almond cake (Dairy-free)

It may be plain, it may be simple but it’s ohh so delicious.

We’re moving houses and so looking to use up bits and bobs we’ve got lying around. So I’ve devised a plan, I’m just gonna go on a baking spree and advertise out there if anyone wants a cake, they can pop by our place and get some! That way, I get to bake! you get fed and I use up all the stuff in our kitchen! Win win? Mais Oui! 🙂

Yesterday, it was this Lemon and Almond cake! The Goddess Nigella sorted me out for this recipe and I modified it a little because I made it dairy-free. As opposed to butter, dairy-free spread has got some water in it so i tend to increase my dry ingredients just a little otherwise it can be too soggy.

Blessings to u all. If you live close, pop in for a cake! No, we don’t have to sit and chat unless you wanna. So just come on down, knock knock, here’s your slice, kiss kiss and bye bye. First come first serve…until it runs out

Love love,


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Lemon and Lots ‘n’ Lots of Blueberry Swirl cake (Dairy-free)

  Truth….I had a craving and it had to be lemon!  Light, fluffy, tangy, absolutely scrummy…’nuff said.

Summertime and lemon…do ya know of any better combo? (Whispers quietly, actually lemon any day of the year always hits the spot for me 😉 ). And now we have lucious blueberries in season so we get homegrown stuff which makes it all even better and tastier…ahhhhhhh

Plus, found out I need to improve my hand at ‘swirling’ things into cake. Read on to see how mine came out and promise not to laugh 🙂

Ok, enough talk let’s bake.

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Berry Lemon muffins (dairy-free)


Hello ‘ello,

For the weekend, this happened upon a special mama as a gift (although part of this ‘gift’ was eaten before it was packed, by whom? you ask, I wonder). Mmmmm berry berry yummy indeed ;-).

The original plain dairy-full recipe is by this yummy mummy over here: http://mostlyyummymummy.com/2010/08/03/lemon-muffins/

Let’s get to it shall we, Enjoy!

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Journey of a Wedding Cake….in pictures!

A week before the wedding, working…2 black birds sitting on the wall…k.i.s.s.i.n.g

A week before the wedding, used modelling paste to make these…2 black birds sitting on the wall…k.i.s.s.i.n.g

About 6 months ago, one of my friends asked, no, texted actually, if I could do her the honour of making her wedding cake and I was like…Yaaaa haaa!!! the honour is all mine. So together we planned it all out, threw some ideas together and came up THE cake, all covered in colour coordinated buttercream icing and LOTS of fruits. Thank God for sister Etomby for lending me fridge space to store this big baby <3. So last Saturday was the wedding and the cake made it all the way to Dorset in one piece…well, different pieces all assembled on site.  It was a 3 tiered wedding cake starting with 12″ Lemon sponge mama resting at the bottom to support everyone (covered in a slap-in-the-face-when-you-take-a-bite lemon buttercream), followed by a 10″ choco orange cake (covered in intense orange buttercream), then sitting on top like feather is the lightest 8″ Victoria sponge cake (covered in Vanilla bean buttercream). I promised pictures and here they are:

Boards with red ribbon round the edges

Boards with red ribbon round the edges

the baked yummies..12" lemon sponge, 10" choco orange, 8" Vicky sponge

the baked yummies..12″ lemon sponge, 10″ choco orange, 8″ Vicky sponge

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zingy mini Lemon cupcakes (dairy-free)

ohh for the love of lemon ;-)

ohh for the love of lemon 😉

As promised, here are some recipes for the beautiful mini Lemon cupcakes I made last weekend for some beautiful pregnant ladies.

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Journey of a Birthday cake….in pictures


It’s my sisters birthday today and she ordered herself a cake from me. She knew what cake she wanted but left the flavour of the buttercream up to me! (Excited? Yah haaaa!). So I decided to go for something exciting. Not a flavour I’ve used recently but one we used a lot where I worked in Paris and after a guessing game over at my Facebook page……the answer is Cherry.

So here she is, Lemon cake dressed in elegantly in Cherry flavoured swiss meringue buttercream. It’s all in pictures as today, words are failing me. Also, who knew Cherry turned a purple-ly colour when it mixes with buttercream….hmmmmm

Enjoy mes cheris!

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Cup ‘n’ Cakes

vanilla plus strawberry  lemon plus strawberry1  blueberry vanilla plus lemon1  vanilla plus lemon3

The past week has been a week of cupcakes….’tis the season, me thinks :-D. Have been baking lots and lots of these babies for a fundrasing event that ended on Saturday and what a fab experience it was. Just wanted to share some pics on here and basically show these ladies off . So if you’re in the area and want some of these scrummy ladies to tuck into or share, let me know, as they can be made to order too ;-).

Happy sunny day y’all

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