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Apples ‘n’ Hazelnuts (in a dairy-free cake)


Crunchy yummy nuts shell for a yummy spicy cake!

Crunchy yummy nuts shell for a yummy spicy cake!

First of all, excuse the quality of the pictures here. I only decided this will be fab to share when I was in the middle of making the cake so had to use ‘zee phone….but not bad ehh?.

I had some sisters come over with their babies about 2 weeks ago and yet again it fell on me to do the dessert…surprised? Yeah me too 😉 :-D. I wanted to make some’in cozy and warm and spicy and Autumn-like and thought, apples just scream Autumn!, don’t they? So I decided to go for it. Here we have a spicy apple cake, packed full of apples with a generous hazelnut top. The hazelnut top was an inspiration from a BBC good food on their Apple Cake in a nutshell shell recipe. A really good recipe that.

Warning: This cake is seriously nutty, light, delicious and just fills your mouth with spices that remind you of Christmas.  A bit too yummy that I didn’t get to take the picture of a proper piece until I got to the very last one in the tin.

There is a seeded version of this (for those allergic to nuts) at the bottom of the cake page so keep reading :-).

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Gluten-free cupcakes? Yes yes yes

for goddess Laura surrounded by her girls holding her in the light as the time comes for baby to make it's way to meet her <3

for goddess Laura surrounded by her girls, holding her in the light as the time comes for baby to make it’s way out to rest in her arms ❤

I know, it’s been a LOOOONG while, so I’m just gonna get to it.

These days almost everything I eat gives me the cramps and ……… well, you don’t wanna know the rest :-). So I’ve gone off dairy but still getting the crampy stomach feeling and now I’m thinking what more can I do?

Then, I got an order for some gluten free cupcakes and it struck me…hmmmmm maybe I can try not eating gluten for a while and see how it goes? Sooooo , yours truly has been experimenting with a couple of things (till I go see the Doc and get properly checked out).

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Spiced Apple Cheesecake

In the spirit of all things spicy fuelled from the fact that I still have apples in my kitchen, this crazy idea was inevitable when I had a friend over for dinner and found myself staring at these juicy ladies. It turned out to be a complete hit with my cheesecake lover friend and he even went as far as putting this one on the list of top 2 favourite cheesecake….still couldn’t make up his mind which was number one but first two in his whole 39 yrs is FAB enough for me :-).

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Apple-packed Apple cake (try saying it fast :-)

A few days ago I had another call from sister E, saying I have “some” apples in my kitchen, freshly picked from grandma’s garden if you’ld like to have some. And I said “yes yes yes please!. So she delivered them to the flat and I was amazed. It wasn’t just some apples, no, it was a full bag of delicious and differently shaped beautiful lady apples that filled one corner of our kitchen..look!

Lovely hand-picked organic apples from grand-ma’s garden

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Yellow Kiwomato drink

Yellow kiwi, tomato ‘n’ apple drink

Being back in England feels sooo nice and warm in my heart….ahhhhh. My sister lives in a small town close to London so now I’m checking out the food options. It’s all so different here compared to the French. Food markets everyday of the week is not very common here at all. Continue reading

Apple ‘n’ Almond Cake

Felt cake-ey with meself so decided to whip up something aromatic, moist and nutty. I had apples at the back of the fridge looking neglected and giving up on me. So I decided to nurture these lovelies and bring out the best in them. The texture and smell of this super fruit together with cinnamon and roasted ground almonds is a thing from heaven. It becomes orgasmic if you can wait and have it the next day as the flavours meld together giving it that depth in flavour. Mmmmmmmmm

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