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Not-your-ordinary cream cheese frosting on a Carrot Cake

IMG_3277‘Twas about 2 weeks ago when Ben and I had to go away on a weekend course, and so we were looking for someone to look after our baby.

After much searching and a little panic, my sweet Lord brought us lady Rebecca. We didn’t know each other much but she saw a post I had put in Facebook and contacted me saying she wanted to help. I felt an awful lot of gratitude for this woman. Moreso because when I went in to see her, she had a 6 month old baby on hip!! and a 2 year old running about and still she was like, ‘yeah, I’ll be fine, just bring her!”. You know when you meet these people that make you think they could easily mother the whole world and still be kool. That’s what I felt with her.

So we got to talking and I said, I need to offer you something for this m’lady and after, “ohh noo, don’t worry about it, you don’t have to”, we found out she likes cakes! And my heart went..Oooooo yah!!!! So carrot cake it was and when I was making this I thought she’ll probably think I’ll show up with a cake in a standard loaf tin but ohh boy was she in for a surprise!
So this one is dedicated to m’lady Rebecca for just being superb and a God-send.

Here we go guys, a yummy and super moist carrot cake with not-your-average cream cheese frosting.
This recipe was inspired by the Carrot cake in the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook with some changes and additions to the original recipe.

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Cake aux fruits (dairy-free)

….aux fruits!

….aux fruits!

With all the cake baking going on this week, hubby’s sweet tooth was starting to grow so he asked me to make him a cake. One from his childhood that his grand-pa (a true great chef) used to make. When it’s a cake from his childhood, especially from his grand-papi, I’m always very reluctant to make it as it’s always not quite right and I’m being compared to a family legend.

Anyway, after a bit of huffing and puffing, I went ahead and agreed to it. Then he says…’I want it in a loaf thin, don’t forget the cherries, you know the cherries I mean?, the glacé cherries, grand-pa always had cherries, he always baked it in a loaf tin, the big fat round cherrries, yes, leave it whole in the loaf tin, I like the cherries like that in a loaf tin…did you find the cherries, go ahead and add lots of cherries, don’t worry, I like it full of cherries’…….and I’m like, if I hear cherries or loaf tin one more time, I’m gonna chuck this batter and loaf tin at him. Continue reading

The power of berries blue and a Birthday cake

The finished lady but before we got to this, there was just blueberries

The finished lady but before we got to this, there was just blueberries

This past weekend was my nephew and brother in-law’s birthday’s. My sister called and ordered one big ass cake for both of them to which I said, errrrr yaahhhhh!

The order: A 10 inch and 3 layered maderia cake enrobed in fresh blueberry buttercream, rocket ship and stars with virgo insignia all around the sides of the cake. I would also like a deep blueberry colour so that the white buttercream against it will have a deep contrast so add some purple colouring to the butter cream. Continue reading

Apple ‘n’ Almond Cake

Felt cake-ey with meself so decided to whip up something aromatic, moist and nutty. I had apples at the back of the fridge looking neglected and giving up on me. So I decided to nurture these lovelies and bring out the best in them. The texture and smell of this super fruit together with cinnamon and roasted ground almonds is a thing from heaven. It becomes orgasmic if you can wait and have it the next day as the flavours meld together giving it that depth in flavour. Mmmmmmmmm

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