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…more cake and banana Purée

chocobanana cake 3

The final order for this weekend was this chocolate bébé.

So the cake inside is a rich chocolate cake. The filling/icing is buttercream flavoured with homemade banana puree and the decorations are banana chips and strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. It got delivered yesterday and the new owners were pretty happy to see it and so was I. Now now for me to take a breather..phewwwww what a week it’s been.

The recipe for the banana puree was quite simple and can also be used as baby food. Continue reading

Cake cake cake ;-)

It’s been busy at the home of FreeFlowFoodie. Lots and lots of exciting baking that my heart wants to burst. I cannot believe how lucky I have been to actually be baking for people’s birthdays and celebrations. Thank you Lord, thank you universe, thank you Om!! ❤
Just wanted to share a few pictures with you all.

Love love love

Aromatic bananut cake for a friends daddy :-)

Aromatic bananut cake for a lucky Daddy 🙂

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Princess-y chocolate cake

princess and the frog :-)

princess and the frog 🙂

Hii guys, christmas is almost here!! Yayyy!!!!

I got an order for  a gateau au chocolat for a 6 year old girl that I had so much fun making and wanted to share it on here. I did a consultation with her and she had all these crazy little ideas (with pink and blue being her choice for the colour of the cake) that I thought it were brilliant. Today, the 1st of Dec was the special day and I (well Ben helped me carry this bad boy because my back was hurting) delivered it to her. She and her mama were very delighted to see it and so was I :-).

Sooooo here is the beauty ;-), inside is a pure decadent chocolate cake. I made the frosting using homemade strawberry coulis which I infused into the swiss meringue buttercream giving it a delicious natural fruity flavour and the blue is just vanilla flavoured buttercream.

in all her glory

in all her glory

choco cake2

boxed and ready to go 😉