Smokey Pumpkin seed sauce (Vegan)

La sauce

La sauce

TIme for dinner?  Too tired to make a grande meal? Want something light? This was how I felt two night ago so I made this. Sounds simple but does NOT compromise on flavour. Blackened bell peppers pack a punch in terms of flavour and never fail to disappoint especially when mixed with garlic and a handful of seeds. So here you go, try it and use to drizzle on anything you fancy, to dip something you fancy into it, spread onto something to munch on or just eat it off your spoon….yeah, it’s that tasty 🙂 Continue reading

Hot almond tomato sauce

I had this yesterday with rice and let’s just say I was very happy. My moon cycle is coming and this month it’s all about ‘zee spice :-). I wanted it spicy and I wanted it quick and here it is my friends. This one packs a deep spicy bunch with 2 scotch bonnet chilli’s. If you’re not as crazy as me on the chilli front then you’re more than welcome to use half a bonnet, skip it all together or replacing with normal ground black pepper instead. Have fun 😉 Continue reading

Caramelised red onion Almous

I am going away to England to stay with my sister who is pregnant and has a ten month old lovely boy at home. I will be helping her so she can have some chill time-out while I spend time with Gigi, my nephew.

So I wanted to make something for the man to have at home as a quick snack and eat whenever he wanted. There is still loads of the Studded banana cake left in the house but I wanted to make something else. And I thought, caramelised onions? chickpeas? Almonds? Yes please!!! I love love loved this one. The first time I made it, I used white onions but it didn’t have that strong onion flavour that I liked. So I substituted it with the stronger flavoured sister, red onions and used 2 instead of one. It came out really nice and nutty because of the roasted nuts. Go ahead, give it a go and you’ll see.  Continue reading

‘Shmokey’ humus

Another quickie that rests yummily in thine stomach after it leaves a little bit of heat at the back of your throat, nicely offset by the subtle sweetness of agave. This is how I do it. Continue reading

Almond sauce with African sass :-)

The sassy sauce

This one is a quickie yummy treat and the best thing about it is that you can slather it on almost anything and it’ll make ’em taste yumm-yumm. You’ll need to roast some of the veggies which might take a bit ‘o’ time but believe me it is well worth it because the taste it gives to the sauce is second to none. All the roasting can be done in your frying pan if you don’t want the hassle of turning on your oven. I actually prefer it this way as the tomatoes get a slight burnt colour that translates into a ‘smokey-bbq-ewy’ taste. Go on, give it a go. Continue reading