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Pain d’Epices or Spicy gingerbread cake (Dairy-free)


We had a family gathering yesterday with food, music and the much Love in the air, You know when you think, if I get any more relaxed now, I’m gonna melt…this was like that. For the gathering, I came along with this yummy number.

‘Twas originally supposed to be a carrot cake until I had a look in the fridge to find the carrots had gone bad. So I brought out a whole bunch of cake ingredients from the cupboard and asked google what to do with lots of ginger. I came upon the great Nigel Slater’s recipe and it just hit me in the head with inspiration. You can find Nigel’s lovely recipe is here:

But for this diary-free version with date syrup, gingerbread spices, orange soaked sultanas, less sugar and still lots and lots of ginger, read on.

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Pack lunch for the hubby

Pack lunch for the hubby..Ooo yah

Beautiful rainy day, still in your jammies, cozy inside, some’in to warm your cockles? Try a bowl- full of this yumminess, it’s worth getting out of the sofa for.

Oh my, what does SPLL stand for? 😉

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Berry Lemon muffins (dairy-free)


Hello ‘ello,

For the weekend, this happened upon a special mama as a gift (although part of this ‘gift’ was eaten before it was packed, by whom? you ask, I wonder). Mmmmm berry berry yummy indeed ;-).

The original plain dairy-full recipe is by this yummy mummy over here:

Let’s get to it shall we, Enjoy!

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Smokey AuberDip

All you'll need

All you’ll need

We had Aubergine in our delivery box last week so I had to use it to do something when the week was running out. End of the week, feeling a little knackered to cook anything for dinner but want something yummy all the same? Grab these ingredients and you’ve got yourself a super smokey, super easy, super yummy and super duper dip.

I got the inspiration from the sweet Abel and Cole’s cookbook but have changed it as there isn’t any garlic, tahini, lemon but thought to add the onion and tomato instead. Et voilà, just these few ingredients and you’re good to go.

Enjoy dipping.

For this, you’ll need:

  • A whole Aubergine
  • A whole tomato, cut in half
  • Half an Onion
  • 1/4 tsp of smoked Paprika
  • Glugs of Olive oil
  • Salt to taste

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