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Yummy yum Orange cake (gluten and dairy free)


Last week, a sister of mine came over in the morning for some hang out time and I thought to make some quick ‘breakkie’ before she arrived.
This one is another gluten and diary free treat and I was just trying it out really to see if it works and it did!.  Just YUMMY!!! Sooo light, sooo soft, sooo….what’s the word? yes, easy peasy 🙂

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Aromatic Banana cake

Hello guys, as promised, here is the recipe for the Yoni cake I made for the sacred women on the 3rd Nov and don’t forget to check out the Catering page and spread the word.  Merci merci 🙂

The aromatic Goddess

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Almond studded banana cake

Almond studded banana cake

For some time now, I have been contemplating baking a cake with something other than butter. I became lactose intolerant about a year ago so it has been a little difficult in trying to find something else I can use in place of butter and not worry too much about how it might taste. Continue reading