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Puffed quinoa and dark chocolate slices

Hii guys, we returned yesterday night from England and had such an amazing time with my teacher and the sangha. I will be posting pictures here soon (although not much of the party itself, just of the food…you know me) Continue reading

M ‘n’ M smoothie

Mango and Melon smoothie in their full glory

I had some melon left over from the cherry fruit basket so I decided to blend it together with mango for a nice long drink with dinner. Continue reading

Cherries ‘n’ a melon basket

My southampton lovers came over this weekend (’twas soo surreal) and spent the evening with us. Dinner was light, dessert was simple and company was great. Thanks again for gracing us with your presence Sam and Ben. Lots of laughing in the company of friends is always medicine to the soul and I must admit it had been a difficult and emotional day but having you guys there made it all history. Thanks again. So to you all, here is what we had for dessert and don’t worry dinner recipe and pictures to follow soon. Continue reading

Kiwi berry smoothie

One fine day in Paris it was 29 degrees and smokin’ hot so I wanted something freezin’ cold and this was a fine cool blend. Easy, peasy, smoooooth 😉 Continue reading