Red berry grapefruit drink

Red berry grapefruit drink

This drink is for when you want that “slap in the face and wake up now” kinda jolt in the morning when your energy is low. It’s sure to get you straightened out just right :-). Make it the day before, put in the fridge and just grab it and enjoy the next morning. Enjoy my friends, this one has got a loud kick to it.

Note: If you want this a bit sweeter, then go ahead and add 1Tbsp of agave as well.

You’ll need:

  • I grapefruit / pampelmousse (skin removed but everything else goes in your blender)
  • 120 g red berries / fruits rouge (frozen)
  • 1 cup rice milk / lait de riz
  • I medjool date / datté (chopped)
  • Blend together until smooth and wake up 🙂

the fruits

…in goes the milk

et voilà!

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