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Red berry grapefruit drink

Red berry grapefruit drink

This drink is for when you want that “slap in the face and wake up now” kinda jolt in the morning when your energy is low. It’s sure to get you straightened out just right :-). Make it the day before, put in the fridge and just grab it and enjoy the next morning. Enjoy my friends, this one has got a loud kick to it. Continue reading

Date and Cashew quinoa balls

I had the inspiration to make these from the fab Vegangela where the original recipe called for peanut butter. I thought it was really good with peanut butter but decided to make it differently as I am biased towards cashew nuts. So I made these with the simplest ingredients and they were great without needing to add any extra sugar. The cashew purée is already sweet on its own and coupled with the dates makes it a real dessert treat for those sweet teeth.

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