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Kiwi berry smoothie

One fine day in Paris it was 29 degrees and smokin’ hot so I wanted something freezin’ cold and this was a fine cool blend. Easy, peasy, smoooooth 😉 Continue reading

Cinnamon Potato porridge

I had some potatoes I had bought from the farmers market since last week and they started to grow babies and stuff so I thought, “Aijay, now is the time, use it or lose it”. So I thought to make something influenced from my childhood in Nigeria. The original dish has lots of sassy Nigerian-spices, dried fish and a hot chilli kick to it. It is called Yam Porridge. Well seeing as I don’t have any yam or any of the very flavourful Nigerian spices at hand, I decided to try and make something similar. Continue reading

Lemon-berry mini heaven

stack of lemon and red berry heaven

the way i had it….mmmmm lemooooooon!

Ok, if this one isn’t tart and sharp, then I don’t know what else is. I don’t know what’s happening to me but as I have grown, dare I say, older, I seem to want the tartiest (if that’s a word) of desserts. Continue reading

Almond Quinoa

The quinoa beauty

Quinoa was on my mind yesterday so I made this beauty up for lunch. No fussin’ n fightin’. Just plain easy with a lot of yummy in my tummy. Continue reading

SAS on a plate

SAS- Spinach Asparagus and Soba noodles

For the Chinese experience, mademoiselle?. “I’ll have Chinese mushrooms and soy sauce, thank you”. And for the Thai? mmmmmm “Coconut milk and chilli please, merci beaucoup”. For one of those nights when you want the heat of Thai food with a chinese twist and this one did it for me. Plus the fact that I have fallen head over heels in love with Chinese mushrooms had everything to do with this. Cook it and you’ll feel what I mean. Continue reading

a Berry Mango affair

And then morning came, What to drink? what to drink? she mused.  She was not in the mood for niether coffee nor tea….but for something sweet and tart at the same time. Well, here it is and a very good morning to you my dears…xoxo Continue reading

Crunchy Spelt ‘n’ Oat Granola

A sea of crunch 🙂

It happened on a fine day in London when I wandered into Sainsbury’s thinking, “hmmmmm, I want me some granola or muesli”. Now this was not the first time I had bought muesli but for some reason, on that day (which I remember clearly), the price of one packet seemed ridiculous to me and I was like, whaaaat? (as if it was my first time), I’m gonna make it myself thank you very much. Continue reading