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Ever-changing Flow

Hii all, sorry it has been quiet here at FreeFlowFoodie. I just came back from my sister’s on Tuesday and yet again, my life is changing inside out. Starting with the fact that we will be moving away from Paris very soon so the days have been spent talking about what we are going to do with our lives, not coming up with any answer and being asked yet again by the universe if we can trust this “seeminingly” directionless flow to wherever it is going to lead us.

I must admit there is great doubt in my mind about everything but I occasionally find myself in that space of full trust, immense joy, and full-on gratitude at the way life is “polishing” us, polishing me and I know in deep in my heart that all will be well. But this is sometimes quickly replaced by all my mind stuff and worries and this ‘n’ that and…..there I go again. Continue reading