Pictures, food, sharing…

As promised guys, here are the picture from our yogic love get-together from last weekend.

Black ‘n’ White chocolate choux…..recipe to come later

Food on display

Mandala making….ohhh ’twas sooo much fun!!

Lovely Fred in “what colour should we put on next?” meditation 🙂

this foodie about to dive in on the colouring

….getting there 🙂

…sitting back to admire

all hands on deck!

et Voilà!

I don’t have more pictures but then the evening went on to eating, singing, drumming and Sat sang well into the wee hours of the am. So much thanks to the Yoga Sanctuary for such a wonderful evening.

And now in true french style, we are going for our summer holidays in…1, 2, 3 hours time:-). Everything has a slow down to it in France during the month of August and in Paris this is very evident too. Shops close down and everyone has a sticker in front of their doors saying, “closed for the summer”. Everything comes to a pause leading to a full-on, energetic and revived beginning in September. They even have a name for it, it’s called La Rentrée (drumroll), the Return. It sounds very dramatic doesn’t it? But of course, ‘zis iz France’ 🙂

So anyway, we will be going on a budget holiday and spending some time in Bordeaux, firstly camping in Ben’s grandmother’s garden and then onto to the island Ile de Ré (a place of no cars just bikes) where we will also be camping. This is my first time ever camping so we will see how it goes. Typical Nigerians do not go around sleeping in tents…hehehe. I remember telling my sister and she was like, “what the hell are you doing outside when you can be inside and on a bed!” and she’s like, Aijay, you’re crazy and I say ’tis not me, ’tis Ben! :-P. But I must say it’s nice to have this man introduce me to this way of holidaying. It’s gonna be cheap, cozy, raw and what’s more, we’re going to be close to mommy Nature so I have the feeling that this foodie is going to be loving all the new feelings of living wild…afterall it’s all but natural, no? 🙂

Ok guys, I’m off to do final packing, shower, put some clothes on this body and then we’ll head off to the train station for this adventure. I’ll be seeing you all beginning of September to continue on FreeFlowFoodie. Thank you for coming back again and again to read me.

À Bientôt et bisous à tous.

Love Love Love to your hearts,


6 thoughts on “Pictures, food, sharing…

  1. The Mandala is lovely. What a wonderful evening you had! I am left wondering why America is lacking these great traditions like “La Rentree” and Italy’s Siesta. Everything is still flying at super-speed over here!

    • Awww, I hope you got some time off to slow down just a lil Erika. It just feels soo amazing to have had time off. I reckon every one should join the Mediterraneans in their very serious quest to just chill-out and take life nice and eeeeeasy…especially when the sun is out :-).

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