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Spiced couscous cake

I read this on one of my cookbooks that said something about a couscous loaf (I’ll dig it out and post the name here when I get back home to Paris) and that was where my inspiration came from. And for lunch yesterday, I was in a Cajun kinda mood so this was the flow  helped with the mighty Tesco spices by my side. You can just set this on the centre table for a light lunch with friends and some salad or even for a picnic. Continue reading

Yellow Kiwomato drink

Yellow kiwi, tomato ‘n’ apple drink

Being back in England feels sooo nice and warm in my heart….ahhhhh. My sister lives in a small town close to London so now I’m checking out the food options. It’s all so different here compared to the French. Food markets everyday of the week is not very common here at all. Continue reading

Caramelised red onion Almous

I am going away to England to stay with my sister who is pregnant and has a ten month old lovely boy at home. I will be helping her so she can have some chill time-out while I spend time with Gigi, my nephew.

So I wanted to make something for the man to have at home as a quick snack and eat whenever he wanted. There is still loads of the Studded banana cake left in the house but I wanted to make something else. And I thought, caramelised onions? chickpeas? Almonds? Yes please!!! I love love loved this one. The first time I made it, I used white onions but it didn’t have that strong onion flavour that I liked. So I substituted it with the stronger flavoured sister, red onions and used 2 instead of one. It came out really nice and nutty because of the roasted nuts. Go ahead, give it a go and you’ll see.  Continue reading

Almond studded banana cake

Almond studded banana cake

For some time now, I have been contemplating baking a cake with something other than butter. I became lactose intolerant about a year ago so it has been a little difficult in trying to find something else I can use in place of butter and not worry too much about how it might taste. Continue reading

Red berry grapefruit drink

Red berry grapefruit drink

This drink is for when you want that “slap in the face and wake up now” kinda jolt in the morning when your energy is low. It’s sure to get you straightened out just right :-). Make it the day before, put in the fridge and just grab it and enjoy the next morning. Enjoy my friends, this one has got a loud kick to it. Continue reading

M ‘n’ M smoothie

Mango and Melon smoothie in their full glory

I had some melon left over from the cherry fruit basket so I decided to blend it together with mango for a nice long drink with dinner. Continue reading

Tomato Spaghetti mama

I met these voluptuous ladies yesterday at the market and I knew I had to have them. I went home and started thinking of what to make with them. One thing for sure in my heart was that I wanted to keep them as they were and show off their curves and beauty. So here is what I made for dinner last night. I loved the ‘aliveness’ of it all the fresh and clean taste of the raw tomatoes with the basil spaghetti leaving a strong hint of nutmeg on the finish. But if you don’t like raw tomatoes my dears, please do look away now because it’s about to get juicy :-). Bonjour Bonjour and tomato love to you all. Continue reading