Cherries ‘n’ a melon basket

My southampton lovers came over this weekend (’twas soo surreal) and spent the evening with us. Dinner was light, dessert was simple and company was great. Thanks again for gracing us with your presence Sam and Ben. Lots of laughing in the company of friends is always medicine to the soul and I must admit it had been a difficult and emotional day but having you guys there made it all history. Thanks again. So to you all, here is what we had for dessert and don’t worry dinner recipe and pictures to follow soon.

You’ll need:

  • I melon (carved)
  • 500 g Cherries (stones removed by hand or otherwise. I did this by hand and I just love it. The child in me loves that deep red stain on my fingertips and also the fact that I can just pop one into my mouth whenever I feel)
  • 2 Tbsp Agave

To begin:

The pictures explains a lot so do have a look before you begin

Ps- To carve your melon as shown it not as hard as it looks, believe me. Just take your sharp knife, look at your melon and then the picture, believe that you can do it and begin carving. Think of it this way, what’s the worst that can happen? It’s not something that you’re going to bake so whatever you come up with will still be edible so you can’t go too wrong, alright. Now trust and carve 🙂

Carved melon basket

in goes the cherries

….slices of melon follow

and how did we have it?….plain, simple and yummy drizzled all over with agave syrup

5 thoughts on “Cherries ‘n’ a melon basket

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  2. Dinner was soooo delicious and so was the company! It was so great to spend some real time together enjoying such amazing food!! I really can’t wait to try some of these beautiful recipes!! Paris really is full of beauty and love!! xxx mwah xxx

    • Thank you Sammy. It was so nice to cook for you guys and sooooo much fun too. Glad you enjoyed it here with such beautiful weather. I shall be seeing you soon 😉 😉

  3. Oh. My. Sweet. Goodness. I think I just may spend the next week completely immersed in your recipes- so lovely! Elated you found our blog so I could find yours!!!

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