Fruit? Veggie? or what?

Ohh my my my, I just came back from the market and look at what I found (below). I just love to going Parisian markets. It’s like a whole different culture and a whole new world. Meeting farmers and hearing them sell (well some shout) their fresh wares in their stalls. Recognising customers by name and talking about the family amongst other things (while others in the queue just wait patiently). It’s just all soo french and whenever I am there, i feel very much french and part of this old parisian culture.

Perhaps it’s just me but i had never seen these before in my life. Are you the same as me? Do you know what they are? Go on have a guess

Ps: gonna be thinking of what to make with them….hmmmmmmm

One thought on “Fruit? Veggie? or what?

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