Freedom in creativity

When people walk into a house they usually present the bedroom as “where the magic happens”. For me , number 2 “where the magic happens” is our kitchen. This is where I let myself go with total abandon and it’s all about fun. This is my magic. This is my place of complete free flow of creativity.

Firstly I was born in a family of seven in Nigeria and we all had to take care of ourselves because my mom did NOT encourage being spoilt by nannies. So I found my sanctuary in the kitchen at a very young age and since then, I have LOVED loved loved cooking for people. This is my calling in this life.
Later, I came across and was hugely inspired by the 2007 Disney Pixar Ratatouille (which I have watched like almost 50 times, no kidding). The scene is when Remy is watching chef Gusteau on TV with his brother Emile and the chef says, “You must be strong-hearted. You must try things that may not work. And you must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul“….Oh how I still get goosebumps, (if only you can see me now).
My darling love love love yoga teacher (Steve Harrison) has taught me to let go of ideas of perfect postures and flow with the unlimited ocean of the universe inside me and everybody else and I do just that. On my  yoga mat, and in the kitchen. It is crazy what can happen guys, it really is. Total free flow without inhibition. I understand that this freedom (just like on the mat) can be a little daunting, but all that needs doing is learning the basics in the kitchen, trying out and following the guidance in some recipes, finding your root in yourself and then from that space feeling yourself totally free to open your arms wide and explore your own creativity, your own free flow in the kitchen.
So guys with this in mind, let’s all walk on bravely into our kitchen, look at that stove and say “bring it on baby”. Let’s go in and try things that may not work, let’s be strong and lets remember that once we let go of the idea that everything has to be perfect, and soon we will naturally find that place of unlimited creativity within all of us.
Feel free to comment, ask questions, or just say  hiiya on the posts I put up. I look forward to creating with you all.
Feel free to flow free with yummy-ness

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